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1. Pimlico Thai Platter                  [P] [F] [Se]  [F] [Mo] [SB] [W]                                          Spring Rolls, Kanom Pang Na Gai, Samoa’s Chicken Satay, Thai Fish Cakes & deep-fried Dumplings.                 


Veggie Mixed Platter                    [P] [G] [L]

Veggie Satay, Samosa, Spring Roll, Corncakes, Veggie Tempura,             

*Both platters served with a selection of sweet chili dips & Peanut sauce.

(Suitable for 2. Available for more)


2. Samosa Pak                               [SB]                                 

Crispy triangle parcels filled with fried vegetables seasoned with Mixed spices & curry powder accompanied with a sweet chili dip.


3. Tod Mun Pla*                              [F] [Mo] [C] [P]                                  

Our Fish cakes is blend of Featherback fish paste, minced prawn, Squid, red Thai curry paste, long bean, lime leaves & seasonings. Served with crunched peanuts & a sweet chili dip.


4. Tod Mun Kao Pod                      [G] [P]                                      

Deep-fried Spicy corn cakes, a blend of corn flour, egg,  Red curry paste, lime leaves & seasoning, Served with crunched Peanuts & a sweet chili dip.


5. Poh Pia                                        [SB]                                       

Crispy Rolls filled with a well-seasoned mix of, vegetables, black fungus & clear vermicelli noodles. Served with sweet chili dip.


6. Satay Gai                                    [P]                                     

Grilled Skews of Chicken strips marinated in a blend of fresh Herbs, Cumin & Coconut milk. Served with a traditional crunched peanut sauce.


7. Hoi Shell Nhung **                    [Mo]                                  

Steamed Scallops rested on a bed of lettuce & drizzled with a refreshingly spicy sauce, complemented well by our pickled vegetables.


8. Kanom Jeeb                               [C] [Mo] [SB] [W]   

Steamed dumplings filled with seasoned minced chicken, prawn, water chestnuts, carrots & herbs. Dizzled with a sweet soy sauce, a sprinkle of fried garlic & spring onion.


9. Kanom Pang Na Gai                     [C] [Se]                                       

Seasoned minced Chicken & Prawn spread on with bread & toppedwith sesame seeds. Served with a sweet chili dip. 


10. Goong Hom Pa                              [C]                 

Marinated king prawns wrapped in crispy pastry, served with a sweet Chilli dip.


11. Tempura Goong                            [C] [SB] [W] [G]                      

Deep-fried marinated Prawns, lightly batter & toss in breadcrumbs. Served with a sweet chili dip.


12. Tempura Pak                                    [W][G]             

Crispy battered selection of fresh vegetables deep-fried served with sweet chilli dip.


13. Crispy Aromatic Duck                     [SB] [W] [SE]                 

Slowly stewed with a mix of assorted dry spices, for the deep aromas & flavours. Deep-fried before serving, with pancakes, Strips of fresh Cucumber, Spring Onion, Carrot & Hoi Sin sauce.

quarter  £14.95


half £24.95


whole £34.95



14. Tom Yum **                                    [Mo] [F]

The traditional spicy soup flavours are a combination of Thai Chili paste, galangal, lemongrass, lime leaves, fresh lemon juice & mushrooms

Chicken £6.25


Prawns £6.95


Mushrooms £5.50

15. Tom Kha *                                    [Mo] [C] [F]

A milder coconut milk soup, flavoured by fresh galangal, lemongrass, and lime leaves, fresh lemon juice & mushrooms. Dressed with a little chili oil.

Chicken £6.25


Prawns £6.95


Mushrooms £5.50

16. Poh Teak **                                    [Mo] [C] [F]                            

This mixed seafood soup draws it’s flavours from the fresh chilies’, fresh herbs & fresh lemon juice served with a few mushrooms.


17. Giew Nam                                      [SB] [W][C]       

Our homemade minced chicken & prawn Won Ton Soup, with Chinese leaves, carrots, bean sprouts & finished with a dash of garlic oil.


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