Thai Salads, Grilles & Side Dishes

Thai Salads & Grills

47. Som Tum Goong ***                    [C] [F] [P]

The popular Thai salad of Papaya, prawns, long beans, tomatoes, peanuts tossed in a spicy dressing of crunched fresh garlic, chillies & lime juice


48. Pla Goong ***                                [C] [F]

Prawns tossed with garlic, lemongrass, peppers, onions & herbs in a spicy lime dressing


49. Nua Nam Tok ***                            [F]

Grilled slices of sirloin steak tossed with mixture of Thai herbs & spices with a spicy lime dressing 


50. Yum Woonsen ***                          [C] [F]

Warm glass noodles tossed in spicy lime dressing with crunched garlic, chilies, prawns, minced chicken & onions


51. Yum Talay ***                                  [C] [F][Mo]         

Mixed seafood with crispy vegetables, crunched garlic & chillies tossed in a spicy lime dressing


52. Larb Gai ***                                  [SB]

Minced Chicken tossed with a variety of Thai Herbs & Spices, with a zesty yet spicy lime dressing




54. Sur Rong Hai                                   [SB]                                             

Grilled Sirloin steak served a bed of crispy salad served a chili sauce.



Vegetables Side Dishes

55. Steamed Mixed Vegetables.                                                                                          


56. Pad Pak Ruam                  [SB] [W]

Stir-fried mixed vegetables in soya & oyster sauce. Topped with a sprinkled of fried garlic.


57. Pad Broccoli                      [SB] [W]

Stir-fried Broccoli with soya & oyster sauce with sprinkle of fried garlic.


58. Pad Pak Choi                                    [SB] [W]

Stir-fry Pak Choi with garlic soya & oyster sauce with sprinkle of fried garlic.


59. Aubergine Black Magic                    [SB] [W]

Stir-fried aubergines with soya bean sauce, fresh chili, tofu, onions & sweet basil.



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